We have seasoned professionals who can offer their knowledge to assist you with your filtration needs. National Air Filters has sales throughout the state of North Carolina. Our sister company, Tidewater Air Filter Fabrication (TAFFCO), provides filter sales throughout Virginia and Tennessee.
We specialize in fabrication of odd-sized filters in a wide variety of styles. We can build special fiberglass, polyester, pleated, metal washables, cut-to-fit pads, and cut bulk roll media. For your special filter needs, please contact us to talk to a sales associate.

National Air Filters has a service division that will perform your filter change-outs, whether they are monthly, quarterly or yearly. Our staff will take your requested air filtration media to your location, replace the old filters with new, and dispose of the contaminated filters. Timely filter service can not only improve the quality of air your breath, but extend the life of your heating and air conditioning unit.


On-site consultations are available upon request. Any of the National Air Filters sales people would be happy to visit your location to assist you with your air filtration questions and needs.